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    1. comment to this post with a fandom + character/pairing (in the subject) and type of au + a prompt (in the comment).
    2. any sort of au is welcome, even if it's just a pairing that isn't canon! crossovers are, of course, definitely welcome!
    3. warn for spoilers/triggers/ratings over pg-13.
    4. if you post a prompt, please try to fill one! and remember, just because a prompt has been filled once doesn't mean you can't fill it again!
    5. spread the love! if you read something you enjoyed, comment and let the writer know!
    6. spread the meme! copy/paste from the text box and spread the word so there'll be more prompts/fills.
    7. don't start wank/flame anyone/be rude.
    8. if you have any questions, comment here!
    9. comment here with filled prompts so i can list them!

    we also now have a list of the unfulfilled prompts thanks to [personal profile] chordatesrock!

filled prompts


dc universe ( comics, films, etc )
    001. robin hood was far too good | victorian gotham, jason todd as the artful dodger, tim drake & jason todd, rated g
    002. untitled | canon au, in a city of batmen, an ordinary man is the hero they deserve (but can't have right now.), gen, rated g


generation kill
    001. untitled | college, one shot too many, brad/walt, rated pg
    002. will it ever be enough | canon au, platoon member dies; brad/nate find solace in one another, brad/nate, rated r

harry potter
    001. how strange it is to be anything at all | canon au, neville longbottom: the boy who lived, gen, rated pg
    002. untitled | canon au, harry is already a bitter child by the time he goes to school and never trusts dumbledore gen, rated pg
    003. the long road | canon au, all was not well and the leader of the next group of troublemakers... is Hermione, gen, rated pg
    004. all the stories you've told (will live on) | canon au, all was not well and the leader of the next group of troublemakers... is Hermione, albus potter, rated g
    005. and she shall reign... | canon au, all was not well and the leader of the next group of troublemakers... is Hermione, gen, rated pg-13

hunger games, the
    001. untitled | canon au, foxface wins the hunger games, foxface, rated pg
    002. untitled | canon au, foxface wins the hunger games, foxface, rated pg-13 trigger warning for non-graphic mentions of rape

fullmetal alchemist
    001. quest for the philosopher's stone | dungeons & dragons or other stock fantasy, roy is a squishy wizard. riza is the ranger or paladin who protects him. they go dungeon crawling., roy/riza, rated g

the legend of zelda
    001. another world | canon au, zelda is the hero who saves the world, gen, rated g
    002. the truth of the legend | canon au, zelda is the hero who saves the world, gen, rated pg-13 contains major character death

marvel ( comics, films, etc )
    001. ceasefire ( mcu ) | role reversal, she's the ex-military field operative, he's the charming spy, clint/natasha, rated pg

once upon a time
    001. will always find | (noir) detective, snow/red, rated pg
    002. still searching | canon au, When Charming's memories come back after waking up from his coma, they're his FTL memories, not the curse-implanted set about Storybrooke, charming/snow, rated pg
    003. heart's a mess | canon au, graham doesn't die, graham/emma, rated pg
    004. something to start on | canon au, that time red didn't eat her boyfriend, peer/red riding hood, granny, rated pg

pretty little liars

puella magi madoka magica
    001. untitled | "fame", any femslash, ensemble, rated pg-13

revolutionary girl utena

star trek reboot
    001. at his fingertips | canon au, uhura goes after kirk in the academy instead of spock, kirk/uhura, spock, rated g

    001. untitled | star trek au, she's always wanted her own ship, sam, rated g

teen wolf
    001. untited | bdsm, dom!danny and sub!jackson, danny/jackson, rated r

    001. falling in love at a coffee shop | coffee shop, fai/kurogane, rated g
    002. in a better world | canon au, SPOILER WARNING: HIGHLIGHT TO READ Valeria AU: Fay isn't born a twin, and grows up to be the king of Valeria end of spoiler, gen, rated g

    001. untitled | crossover ( final fantasty vii, harvest moon, heavy rain, pokemon, street fighter ), various game characters form a badass survival team, various game characters, rated pg

spread the word!
zelinxia: (Kurogane - smile)

Falling in love at a coffee shop

[personal profile] zelinxia 2013-01-06 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while I never knew

There’s something about him that garner’s Kurogane’s attention every time he drops by. Maybe it’s the way his golden hair radiates impossibly, perhaps to make up for the lack of sunshine the city gets year round; or the way he carries himself in the coffee shop. It’s not like he’s the only easy-going type (there’s all sorts of them throughout the day, artists, students, business professionals, even tourists, but nobody seems to be in a hurry, and that’s what he likes about working here) but there’s an air to him, the type of air one likes to be outside on a crispy autumn day.

They never got to talk much, except when he comes up to the register and orders. Kurogane knows it by heart: sinful and decadent blueberry muffin with a side of butter, the pastry of the day, and mocha with extra chocolate syrup. He knows his name well enough too, and doesn’t have to ask for his name anymore to scribble it on his cup with black Sharpie.

Fai. F-A-I.

There’ve been times he would look over his shoulder now and then when he prepares Fai’s order. He has to be careful though, otherwise he would put in too much of this or that ingredient or spill and burn himself. The barista does so as discreetly as he can, catching Fai at the corner of his chair looking out of the window wistfully, or tucking stray strands of hair behind the back of his ear. As soon as sky blue eyes look in his direction, Kurogane immediately looks away, hoping that he didn’t notice. There’d been one instance where the next day when Fai had dropped in and he had teased Kurogane about admiring the clear sky when clearly it was still raining outside. Any friendly worker would laugh it off or chime in with a witty response. But instead Kurogane flushed, tongue too tied, and he’d then hurried through Fai’s usual order.

When he calls out his drink and Fai picks it up with that bewitching smile of his, it always twists his stomach in all sorts of funny knots. On slow mornings he clean ups the counters afterwards, all the while forcing his heart to calm down from the after effects of Fai’s smiles. They never really talk much and yet Kurogane can’t help but be attracted to this beautiful, enchanting man. It’s as if they have a sort of unspoken connection, and he wonders if Fai feels the same.

The barista has never been really good at talking, let alone striking up conversations with people he really likes. His father teases him about how much people have had their eyes on him, and his mother tries to help him with relationship advice whenever he asks her for it. And yet whenever he thinks about saying things other than ‘good morning’ and ‘I need you to sign this’, he feels like it’s learning the language all over again.

Today’s pastry of the day is apple croissant. He puts one on a plate along with the crumbled blueberry muffin and a packet of butter. Fai fiddles with his wallet and takes out his card, which Kurogane swipes. He ignores how the V-neck shirt Fai’s wearing today really brings out his collarbone (but fails) and then rips out two receipts.

“You know what you need to do,” he says, feeling his tongue tripping and praying that Fai doesn’t hear any stuttering at all.

“I do,” Fai says back, rather cheekily. “But I can’t sign anything without a pen, right Mr. Bariista~?”

It’sKurogane,” he mumbles, feeling that blush creeping up his neck as he fishes for a pen in his apron pocket.

Signing shouldn’t take that much time in reality, but right now it feels more than five minutes. Kurogane distracts himself by paying attention to the other sounds in the coffee shop, instead of the way Fai’s bangs sweep over his forehead as he signs the merchant’s copy. He doesn’t know if Fai is actually taking longer today or if it’s just his imagination after that slight hiccup. When Fai finishes he smiles and shoves both receipts towards Kurogane. He raises his eyebrows in confusion, but takes both anyways, thinking Fai wants him to toss his customer’s copy away. However, he notices more marks on the one for Fai and reads them curiously.

It’s his number.

And it’s underlined twice with a tiny ‘Call me’ note.

Heart skipping a beat, he curls his fist and holds it, as if it’s something he doesn’t want to lose. He doesn’t of course – the fact that Fai wants him to call him to go out on a date or something like that is an opportunity he never can dream of letting go. It goes safely into the back of his pants’ pocket, where it won’t be lost or forgotten in his apron.

He manages to prep Fai’s drink. When Fai fetches it, he smiles. Well, attempts to. There’s not much else he can say or do except admire him from behind the counter as he nibbles at his pastries and sips his coffee.

He’ll call Fai tonight.

All of the while, all of the while
It was you

farenmaddox: (Default)

Re: Falling in love at a coffee shop

[personal profile] farenmaddox 2013-01-08 07:17 pm (UTC)(link)
So I may have mentioned I love every bit of this. Especially that paragraph about feeling like he needs to learn the language all over again. All my feels, I swear. Sweet and charming! I love it!
perfectworry: meet me in the door with the desert in the morning I am there (you do this for love)

Re: Falling in love at a coffee shop

[personal profile] perfectworry 2013-01-08 09:53 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know why, exactly, but the line about Fay/Fai/Fye/whatever underlining his number twice was just perfect for me.

Thank you so much!